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Oklahomans deserve access to quality public education from birth to death, and to achieve that we have to increase funding for public education programs.

Health Care and Mental Health

Far too many Oklahomans feel unable to go to the doctor when they don't feel well, and even more are not receiving regular preventive care or even seeing the same doctor twice. For mental health, the stigma is more than just preventing people from seeking services, its preventing our state from adequately funding those services too.

OKDHS and Housing

In 2016 OKDHS announced it was temporarily suspending its Daycare assistance program due to running out of money. They report about 2,000 families apply for this service each month. That is 2,000 Oklahoma parents struggling with childcare while they work or attend school; which is unacceptable. Tulsa and Oklahoma City are 'Built for Zero' cities, which means they are a part of an initiative to end chronic homelessness. However the current expected wait for help from Tulsa Housing Authority is 6-12 months. With Oklahoma City Housing Authority, application processing take 2-4 weeks. If you call about emergency housing they will quickly tell you, there is none in Oklahoma.

Accountability and Outcome Measurements for Safety

Oklahoma continues to make national new for officer involved shootings. We need state laws to provide oversight and accountability when it comes to officer involved shootings. But we also need outcome measurements on the overall safety of minority populations in Oklahoma. If we want to continue attracting growth and change, everyone needs to feel safe in Oklahoma.

Tax breaks, Infrastructure, and Renewable Energy

Speaking of growth and change,  when we continue to let large businesses have incentives with lower tax rates we stifle our growth. 

The American Society of Civil Engineers rates our roads as C- many Oklahomans in rural areas would quickly contest this rating as generous. 

Oklahoma was built on the Oil and Gas industry, and for many Oklahomans; it still puts food on the table. As the world moves forward when know these resources are becoming more limited and working against us in the long run. However Oklahoma currently penalizes homeowners for utilizing solar energy for their homes. We need to encourage a smooth transition to renewable energy to keep our Earth healthy and our economy stable.

Allison Ikley-Freeman for Oklahoma 2017
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